Nutrition Essentials

for Herbalife Nutrition

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Boosting Your Nutrition Knowledge with Nutrition Essentials, an online course created by the American Society for Nutrition

Course features a series of interactive modules that utilize a blended learning approach. Each module:

  • Has clear learning objectives for course content
  • Is focused on evidence-based nutrition science
  • Features content applicable to real-world experience
  • Skillfully integrates content to facilitate active learning and assess knowledge
  • Includes activities to assess knowledge

An ASN certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the course.

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Key Features

The most accurate nutrition knowledge presented in an easy to use, interactive, and engaging online format.
Enhance your understanding of basic nutrition concepts and share reliable nutrition information with customers.
Developed by nutrition experts and featuring interactive elements to reinforce learning, boost engagement, and maximize information retention.
Online, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly content for your convenience!


Eating is both a primary biological need and a cherished activity that connects you to others in your family and community. For some, healthy eating is an intentional lifestyle, while others give little thought to what they eat on a daily basis. Because food fuels your body and your relationships, it’s important to develop and maintain healthy eating habits throughout your life. This interactive online course helps you understand more about the foods you eat and how your body uses food to generate energy. You will learn how to build a healthy meal, follow easy-to-remember recommendations for food portions, and get tips to keep up healthy eating habits.


  • Content developed by experts in nutrition and adult learning
  • Partnered with learning design experts
  • Mobile accessible
  • Cloud-hosted platform
  • Call Center for technical support

Additional Details

Duration of course : 90 mins.
Certificate of Completion
Knowledge Check

Intended Audience:
This course is designed for any individual interested in learning the basics of good nutrition and healthy eating practices.